Business Services and Solutions

We specialize in supplying long term staffing solutions to clients all over the Midwest and beyond. As a small firm, we pride ourselves on paying particular attention to the needs of our clients and customizing personnel searches and solutions to their particular requirements. As well as long and short term staffing, we also work with clients on direct placement or on a temp to hire basis.

Through experience gained partnering with some of the world’s most recognized companies, we understand that no two businesses operate in the same way. At the Gogolak Group we understand that every client will want different services and will have different needs.

What can the Gogolak Group do for my business?

We pride ourselves in supplying you a service that will not only exceed your expectations, but will be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Basically, our role is to manage personnel matters so that you are free to concentrate on your core business. You get to choose how hands on you would like us to be. In general, all our clients like to keep day to day operational management of the employees.

For all of our clients, we provide the back office services involved in paying your employees and providing benefits. For these services you receive a single bi-weekly invoice. The services cover the following:

  • Responsibility for payment of salaries and tracking of productive time and PTO via an on-line time tracking system
  • Payment of all applicable federal, state and local employment withholding and taxes and any associated fees
  • Coverage of employees with required workers compensation and unemployment insurance
  • Assistance in recruiting and hiring as requested by client (at no additional cost)
  • Maintenance of employee records and implementation of employee oversight including periodic performance reviews, disciplinary actions and termination as required
  • Provision of a full employee benefit package including healthcare and dental insurance, 401(k), long and short term disability, etc.

In addition, we have created custom solutions for a variety of clients. These have included consulting on HR matters, creating a virtual HR department, recruitment and operation of new departments and functions, and total outsource arrangements.